Saturday, February 4

Round the Sphere Again

Some of the Blogger blogs don't seem to be accessible right now, but I'm sure they will be later.

  • This week's Christian Carnival is at Attention Span. Rev-ed's done it all up in an Olympics theme.

  • The Centuri0n disagrees with a point made by Steve Saint in an interview he gave about the movie End of the Spear. (Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint, whose story is featured in the movie as one of the five martyred missionaries.) :
    But the problem I see in Steve Saint's statement here is that he thinks that I am only relevant to the unsaved sinner if I am willing to demonstrate that I am a sinner. I think that is exactly wrong: if I am just another sinner, I have nothing to offer another sinner. What is relevant to the sinner is the solution to a sinful life.
    You'll need to read the whole post to know exactly what it is he objects to.

  • Speaking of End of the Spear, not all of the families of the martyred missionaries support the movie. Here's a letter from Dan Kachikis, whose deceased wife, Beth Youderian, was Roger Youderian's daughter.

  • Alan of The Thinklings takes on some of Brian McClaren's questions in The Unbearable Agony of Being Brian McLaren:
    ....if he won't answer basic questions, then he can't be trusted with complex ones.

  • New (and excellent) resources:
    • Countercult Apologetics Journal, put together for us by Jeff Downs, who says he prays
      this will be a tool to equip and motivate the saints and challenge false teachings...
      HT: James White.

    • For all goodies Lutheran, visit The Luther Library.
      Luther Library seeks to encourage the reading of good books by confessional Lutheran pastors, church workers, and lay people through regular reviews and recommendations.

  • Here's a long list of dog quotes from Ian's Messy Desk.

  • And some nostalgic self-indulgence: Yep, more on the Olympic Curling Teams from my hometown.

  • In local news, both Magic Statistics and Limited Thinking comment on Cliff (Who Me?) Hanna's lame attempt to by-pass one of the inevitables:
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