Monday, January 30

Round the Sphere Again

  • By now it's last week's Christian Carnival, but you'll find it posted here at Technogypsy.

  • Mark Roberts has finished up his series of post on The Bible, the Qur'an, Bart Ehrman, and the Words of God. There are several more articles than were there when I linked it last week.

  • David Heddle of He Lives has an informative series of notes from his Sunday School lessons on what he calls "the always electric topic of predestination":And he follows those up with his notes on Free Will.

  • James White has put all his posts debunking The Da Vinci Code into one file: Debunking Dan Brown's "Fact Based Fiction". To those who think it's silly to spend all that time responding to a book of fiction, he defends his work this way:
    ...the story of this book reflects Brown's own "research" on the subjects. You don't do "research" for years on material that is merely "fiction." Instead, the book is presented as fiction based on facts. The book itself begins by stating that what it says about art, architecture, and documents, is authentic. Authentic is not a synonym for "fiction." And that brings us to the key issue: no one is arguing Langdon or Teabing actually exist. They are the fictional characters. But the assertions they make, in the guise of setting the foundation for the central conspiracy theory of the book, are presented not as fiction, or mere speculations. They are presented as unquestioned historical facts.
    My daughter certainly knows from comments she hears at her job that many people take what's presented in this book as real history.

  • Remember the building collapse last week in Kenya? Tim of Mission Safari treated some of the victims. Here are his posts related to it:
  • Gotta love those lists! Wayne Leman of Better Bibles Blog has a list of free downloadable Bibles.

  • Randi's giving quilting lessons: Lesson 1, Lesson 2. This link comes via Hiraeth.

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