Tuesday, January 31

Korean Orphan Choir

and Other Gospel Music from the 1940s-60s

This week I got an email from a man who is married to a former member of this children's choir. I'd mentioned here that I'd heard them sing as a child, and that my family had an KOC album that we listened to. He was hoping that I still had the album (I don't) so he could buy it for his wife as a surprise gift, since she no longer has any of the albums, either.

While searching online to see what I could find for him, I found this: Streaming audio of a Korean Orphan Choir album.

This is from a site that has streaming audio from other sacred music from the 40s-60s, too. Jerome Hines, for instance, is another one whose albums were played in my home.

Or do you prefer your music sung with a brogue?

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