Monday, March 27

Get Real Monday

It's Get Real Monday, when we show ourselves for what were really are (or were). This week it's all about high school, which for me is way back in the olden days. I did find a couple of photos to scan. This is me with my family in the late sixties. I'm probably more junior high age than high school age.

I was mortified by my naturally curly hair at fourteenish, so I'd probably spent hours combing my hair dry to get it to lie this flat.* Notice the cool glasses! They were pretty thick, since I'm really near-sighted. Thank goodness for the thin plastic lenses there are now!

I was a pretty quiet kid, but not really shy. More a student sort than anything, and not really a club or activity joiner. I spent my nights on the phone doing math homework with my friend.

In the photo on the left, I'm more high school age, around eighteen or so. At some point between 14 and 18 I made peace with my curly, wild hair, so I have it more natural here. I've gone to wire rimmed glasses, too. The jeans, if you could see them, would be bell-bottomed.

*There were no blow dryers. I already told you; it was the olden days!