Sunday, March 26

Sunday's Hymn: The Nauticals

The Cyber Hymnal has 50+ nautically themed hymns, believe it or not. We'll feature one more next Sunday, and then it's on to some seasonal (crucifixion and resurrection) hymns. This week's hymn is one of Fanny Crosby's.
Keep Thou Me

Jesus, Savior, oh, how trustfully
I lean on Thee where'er I go;
In Thy mercy Thou wilt shelter me,
From storms that beat, and winds that blow.


Trusting, I am trusting,
Trusting, I am trusting;
Trusting, trusting, Lord, in Thee;
Ever keep Thou me.

Jesus, Savior, oh, how tenderly
Within my heart Thy words I hear;
Thro' Thy Spirit sweetly telling me,
That I am safe, for Thou art near.

Jesus, Savior, oh, how joyfully
I give my all to Thy control;
Clouds may gather, yet how peacefully,
The sun shines brightly in my soul.

Jesus, Savior, Thou hast promised me
That o’er life’s billows, wild and dark,
Safely, surely Thou wilt anchor me,
And homeward bring my wave-tossed bark.

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