Wednesday, March 22

Remembering the Martyrs

Two years ago, two African Inland missionaries and a Ugandan student were murdered in Uganda. You can read more of the story here. (I blogged about it back then: Not Again! and A Tribute to Warren and Donna Pett.)

Today I received an email from Warren Pett's sister. She'd found my blog post from back then, and wanted to comment on it. She mentioned that it is now the second anniversary of these deaths.
I am overwhelmed and grateful to my Heavenly Father for words of comfort and support we've received from people we don't know. On this, the second anniversary of their murder/martyrdom, the pain is still there, but so is the comfort, promised to all Christians. Our family could not survive and go forward, were it not for our faith in the risen Lord Jesus, the prayers of other Christians, and the confidence we will enjoy Eternity together.

God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.
Why not take a little time to remember the martyrs today--Warren and Donna Pett, and all the other faithful martyrs, too. And pray for their families. It can't be easy.

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