Tuesday, March 14

No, My Car is Not Electric!

Ian pointed out that I may have confused some of you with my reference to plugging my car in. He thought I ought to explain what that meant.

Hmmm......here's what I know. When it's cold you need to plug your car in or it won't start. With my Honda Accord, the magic temperature is -28C. If it's -28C or less, my car will refuse to start if I don't plug the little cord that hangs out of the grill into an extention cord that I plug into the outlet beside the garage door.

Actually, if it looks like it's going to be -20C or less, I plug the car in. It's a happier vehicle that way. Vehicles are even happier if they also have a cozy electric battery blanket and/or an oil pan heater.

The most important thing to remember, besides plugging the car in when it's cold, is to unplug it before driving off.

If you're a stickler for details, you might want to read this. And yes, having my car plugged in adds to my electric bill. Replacing extension cords that your children have wrecked when they forget to unplug isn't cheap, either.

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