Monday, March 13

Speaking of Yukon License Plates

Here's the personalized one I want. I think it would be fun to explain what it means.*

Acme License Maker will make you a license plate, too. Once again, this is a cool thing I saw at Ian's Messy Desk.

*You might call the Five Solas the foundation stones of the Reformation. They are five Latin phrases that sum up the ideas underpinning the Reformation.
  1. Sola Scriptura. The Bible is the ultimate and inerrant rule for the church.

  2. Solus Christus. The sole grounds for our salvation is the mediatorial work of Christ.

  3. Sola Gratia. Salvation comes to us completely out of God's grace, and it has no basis or grounds in human merit or works.

  4. Sola Fide. Our justification is through through faith alone, and does not rest on any merit within us.

  5. Soli Deo Gloria. Since salvation is accomplished wholly by God, all glory is due to God alone.