Friday, April 7

The End of an Era

Today is the day of the last Red Green Show.

My husband loved the Red Green Show, and before that we used to watch Smith & Smith, a comedy sketch show Steve Smith did with his wife Morag. After that show, they did a couple other comedy shows together, until Morag decided she needed more time for the children and she retired from active performing.

What I missed when Morag retired was her giggling at Steve's antics. She obviously understood his humour and loved it.

Now the remaining Smith is retiring. Not to worry, though. I'm pretty sure there are enough shows to rerun them forever.

Update: The comments to this post are already becoming a short list of favorite redgreenisms, thanks to Amy and Bugblaster, so let's go with the flow. Contribute your own Red Green sketch or quote to the list.
  • Amy: If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

  • Bugblaster:
    My favourite sketch: Red had a flat tire, and all he had for a spare was one of those little doughnut tires. But he had a long way to travel. Red got out the duct tape, and started to go round and round the outside of the spare, to build up the diameter to the same as a normal tire.

    Then he turned to the camera and said, "This is temporary. Unless it works."

  • Kim in ON reminds us of the Man's Prayer at the end of every show: I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.

  • Terry Stauffer gives us one of his favorite sketches:
    My favorite part of the show was the handyman corner, particularly the one where Red made an amphibious car. This is not an exact quote, but if you've seen the episode, this should bring it back: "The reason that these things haven't caught on," Red said, "is that people went about it the wrong way. They started with a car and tried to make a boat out of it ..." Red's solution was to take an aluminum boat on a trailer into a car - with lots of duct tape, of course.

  • Island Sparrow wants to write her own Red Green sketch:
    We made a castle from cardboard refrigerator boxes for a Grade 3 fairy tale theme. I used duct tape but the castle kept coming apart. I ran upstairs to my library and came back with book repair tape (very expensive - I have to hide it or else all my teachers "borrow" it). We retaped the castle with book tape and it stayed together in spite of 28 enthusiastic grade 3 students playing in it.

    Ever since I've wanted to write the show and challenge Red to a tape dual - something like "Librarians vs Handymen".
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