Sunday, April 2

Sunday's Hymn: The Nauticals

They That Traffic On The Sea

They that traffic on the sea,
While unceasing watch they keep,
See Jehovah’s majesty
And His wonders in the deep;
For He bids the storm-wind fly,
Lifting ocean’s waves on high.

By the billows heav’nward tossed,
Down to dreadful depths again,
Troubled much, their courage lost,
Reeling, they like drunken men
Find their skill and power o’erthrown;
None can save but God alone.

To Jehovah then they cry
In their trouble, and He saves,
Drives the darkness from the sky,
Calms the storm and stills the waves,
Makes their sad forebodings cease,
To their haven guides in peace.

Sons of men, awake to praise
God the Lord Who reigns above,
Gracious in His works and ways,
Wondrous in redeeming love;
Praise Him where the people meet,
Praise Him in the elder’s seat.

---Paraphrase of Psalm 107, author unknown.
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