Wednesday, March 29

Round the Sphere Again

  • It's been so long since I posted a Round the Sphere Again post that I need to link to two Christian Carnivals in this one. Last week's Christian Carnival can be found at All Kinds of Time. And this week's carnival will be is at The secret life of Gary. I'll post a link to this carnival post once it's ben posted. Here it is.

  • The Parableman is the one from whom I learned about the new blog of Dr. Andreas J. Kostenberger at Biblical Foundations. As far as I can tell, there are no permalinks, but I recommend the post that's at the top right now: March 27th's post, Is Jesus God?

  • Shaun Nolan discusses house churches at Postscript Posthaste.

  • The Crusty Curmudgeon examines the anti-intellecual trend in abortion-rights activism.

  • Bob of gratitude & hoopla quotes from D.A. Carson's devotional, For the Love of God (volume 2), where Carson points out that it is the gospel itself that underpins so much of instruction in scripture on how it is we are to behave. It made me think of Philippians 2.

  • I love true stories, so I love biographical sketches. Here are a few interesting ones posted recently:
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