Saturday, April 8

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is at the outer....

  • Oh Canada: Chez Kneel gives us a brief history of Canadian Conservative politics, and then summarizes a speech he heard Preston Manning give recently. Why do insurance people have all the fun?

  • On the news:
    • In light of this story (which, to be clear, is about a woman who took childrearing advice to physically discipline her children to an extreme), now is a good time to point out Rebecca Prewitt's letter, Avoiding Millstones.
      My purpose in writing this letter is not to argue whether or not spanking has its place in the Christian home. Instead, it is to appeal to those in the Body of Christ who teach and advocate spanking that you would do so responsibly, prayerfully, humbly, fearfully, and in a manner consistent with the whole counsel of God.

    • Both Al Mohler and James White comment on the recent news about the Gospel of Judas:

      From Traitor to Hero? Responding to The Gospel of Judas

      The Gospel of Judas: Nothing New Under the Sun

      It always amuses me when people think they can get something of historical value from the Gnostics!

  • It's all about the music:
  • At Theologica: Arch Van Devender defends the nitpickers:
    ...theological nit-pickers are just as necessary for the advancement of the Gospel as broad-minded, open-hearted, generous evangelists who only want to "tell people about Jesus."

  • And we'll have fun, fun, fun...:

    Fun with the animals:
    Fun with Chaucer: Thanks to gratitude & hoopla, I now know that Geoffry Chaucer Hath a Blog.

    Fun with shoelaces: Shoelaces? Yep, lacing shoes has never been so much fun. And there's a bit of shoelace math, too, and goodness knows, math is always a party.

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