Monday, May 1


That's how old youngest daughter turns today. She was a May Day baby. It was a glorious warm sunny day when she was born, but overnight the temperature fell to -20.

She was only 3 weeks old when we bought this house, and 3 months old when we moved in, so she's never really known another home.

She won't allow current pictures of her to be posted in the family blogs, so you'll have to be content with baby pictures. In the photo on the left, she is a couple of weeks old. Notice all the dark wild hair? By eleven months, she had two 4 inch long pigtails. Somewhere between two years old and four, her hair turned blond and it's wild streak was tamed. Mostly.

I'll wish her a happy birthday, and leave it at that. Even this much blogging about her will likely annoy. But then, annoying people is the real reason birthdays were invented, right?


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