Saturday, August 12

Killer Instinct

I know her name is Taffy, and she looks harmless, but this girl is a real killer. Yesterday, 3/4 of the way into her 35k (22 mile) run in the Ibex Valley, she disappeared. When oldest son rode his bike back down the road to find her, she came running toward him with a big old grouse in her mouth--dead, but still warm.

Not wanting to waste the grouse--in this household, the rule is you kill it, you eat it*--the sons brought it home, cleaned it, and boiled it in broth for supper--her supper. She gobbled it down, and promptly stretched out and went to sleep. A 35k run with a side trip for a little hunting makes a girl hungry and tired.

And sore the next day, as well.

*We've yet to enforce this rule with the cat.

You can listen to a grouse drumming here.

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