Tuesday, August 8

My Yukon Garden: August 7

I'm posting this a day late, but there she is--my garden. It rained most of the day yesterday, so I had to wait until late to snap the picture, and at that point I'd lost my enthusiasm for posting. But the photo was taken yesterday, so the photo is on time. It's only the post that's late.

This is the point where you might not see much change from week to week. Most things are not growing as fast as before. Instead, they're putting all their energy into producing fruit. The potatoes and carrots look visibly larger, however, and the spinach has gone to seed. (Yes, I should get out there and pull it up, and when the garden dries out a bit, I will.)

Things are a little behind schedule, I'd say. There hasn't been all that much sun this year. Lots of rain, so that I haven't had to water since way back in June. But a garden needs sun, too.

And yesterday morning, at 6:15AM, I looked at the thermometer right outside my dining room window and it said 0C. Thankfully, the temperature only remained at 0 for a few minutes, so there was no frost damage, but it was a sober reminder that the end of the gardening season is coming soon.

We ate our first head of broccoli on Sunday night. We've eaten another head of cabbage as well. If you lived here, I'd give you a head of cabbage for free. What was I thinking when I planted so many?

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