Monday, July 31

My Yukon Garden: July 31

Instead of an overhead photo of the whole garden this week, how about a shot of some of the produce? Once the plants grow large enough to fill the garden up, you won't see much difference in the overhead photo, anyway.

We had coleslaw made from that cabbage for supper last night. We used some of the romaine lettuce and a piece of leftover grilled steak to make steak caesar salad on Saturday night.

The photo on the right is looking back from the far back edge of the garden at ground level toward the house. It'll give you an idea how big the broccoli (at the right of the photo), the cauliflower (left of the photo), and cabbage (front of photo) are. Both the broccoli and cauliflower are starting to head, but they aren't ready for picking yet.

Below is a shot of the back deck, where I have my herb garden in a couple of pots. In the pot on the left you can see tarragon, parsley, dill and sage; but there's marjoram and basil somewhere in there, too. The bench? We found that in a slough on the Mt. Sima road, and I made my husband drag it out and bring it home. I like to think it came from the Slough of Despond. I also like it for it's character, although it's been pretty much relegated to holding pots that are heavy enough to keep it from tipping on it's uneven and teetering legs.

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