Monday, July 24

My Yukon Garden: July 24

I know you've been waiting with bated (or is it baited?) breath for to see this week's progress in the garden. If you'd asked me before I compared photos, I'd have said nothing much changed this past week, but it looks like the garden's grown quite a bit since the last photo was taken, doesn't it?

The cabbages have heads, still smallish, but I'll probably pick one sometime this week. Cabbage grown in the cool Yukon air is unbelievably sweet, so I can't wait for my first taste of this year's homegrown coleslaw.

The cauliflower plants have little button heads, not nice sized ones like Sierra's cauliflower. But once they start heading, it usually doesn't take long before they're ready to pick, so we'll probably be eating cauliflower soon, too. There's nothing much to report yet on the broccoli front.

I staked the peas with rows of twine. It looks messy, but it works. Next year, remind me to buy my pea netting early, okay?

Right below the peas, on the very right edge of the photo, two-thirds of the way down, you can just make out a few branches of the the raspberry plants in the container on the lower right side of the garden. They are the most amazing thing in the garden right now, and I really should post a photo of them up close. I've never seen them so covered with berries before. None are ripe yet, but we'll be picking them soon.

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