Monday, July 17

Refrigerator Poetry

While doing my regular Saturday garage saling, I came across a little plastic container of Magnetic Poetry. Of course I had to buy it. Right now it's only been used by my kids, who haven't progressed beyond the sort of bathroom humour that a four year old would find hilarious. One of these days I'll compose a fridge poem and post it.

Meanwhile, here is a list of fridge poems posted lately. If I missed yours, let me know and I'll add it.
  1. Not Broken at Regaining Paradise
  2. She is a at The Great Separation
  3. Television and untitled at Hireath
  4. We Were Dreaming and untitled at Shook Foil
  5. Silent Moment at The Upward Call
  6. Life As We Know It at Reflections of the Times