Saturday, July 15

Did You Know?

Some things I've learned recently:
  • Some mugs and cups are righthanded. They have the biggest and best design where it would be facing toward you if you drink righthanded, and only a smaller piece of the design (or none at all) on the backside--the side that faces toward you if you drink lefthanded. Since I'm lefthanded, you'd think I'd have noticed this a long time ago, wouldn't you?

  • If you flush a kleenex with self-tanner on it down the toilet, the water in the toilet will be orangey brown for at least 15 flushes.

  • This August you'll be able to see something that no human being has seen in recorded history. I must thank Tim of The Irvins for bringing this to my attention. Bene D points out in the comments that this story is a hoax that's been circulating in email for a long time. So I learned less than I thought!

  • Wasp larvae look just like the photo above. And they pulsate.

  • July in the Yukon is a good time for painting, gardening, hiking, destroying wasps nests, reading and refrigerator poetry, but not a good time for serious blogging.