Wednesday, October 25

New Email Address

I have a new email address, so in order to contact me, you'll want to click on the button in the sidebar instead of using the old address you may have used before. If I correspond with you regularly, you'll be getting notice of address change before long. The old address will be up and running for a bit in order to transition things, but don't count on it being there for too long.

Special note to local yokels that's related (sort of): If you live in Whitehorse, have a broadband connection, and you haven't switched over to Navigo, you might want to consider it. I know you think the connection you have is fast, but with Navigo the pages pop up instantaneously. It also--so far, and after a couple of weeks--seems more consistently reliable than the landline broadband, not to mention that you can carry your Navigo modem with you and have web access wherever there's an electrical outlet. It's probably cheaper to boot, if you go the two year contract route.

I haven't recommended switching before this because there was a nasty little glitch: Navigo's email system wasn't up yet. But that problem's been righted, so there's nothing to stand in the way of my endorsement.

I've also heard from rather official sources that there are places in Riverdale with signal problems, so you might want to check that out before you sign the two year contract. If you live above the airport, however, you are a straight shot from the signal, and the connection is superfast and reliable.