Tuesday, December 12

Round the Sphere Again


Indulge Me
  • Checking over the referrals on my sitemeter, I find several from the University of Winnipeg's online teaching-learning thingamajiggy. (Sorry for using such technical jargon.) The referrals are to this post. Unfortunately, I'd have to be able to log in to see what that's all about, so I remain mystified and curious.
  • Youngest son had a basketball tourney last weekend. His team did very well, beating even the team from Juneau and coming in first in the tournament, even though they'd only been practicing for a week, since volleyball didn't wrap up until the previous weekend. Winning this tournament is a big deal. Teams from Alaska tend to be very good, and teams from the Yukon, well, not quite so much. (We're Canadian, after all!) But here's where things gets even stranger: As a result of their good showing, his team's been invited down to Juneau for a tournament shortly after Christmas, and the school inviting them will pay their way! Alaskan schools, it seems, have money to pay to have teams come to their tournaments. It's the oil profits at work, I guess.