Monday, January 8

Enter the Lists: Variety Show

David Fisher gets creative with his lists.
  • The first list is part of an interesting game David made up:
    You are given a strip mall or one of those big box malls and you can decide which stores go into it. If you had your choice . . . which thirteen (13) stores would you include in your mall? You can have any mixture of retail stores but you need to have two (2) restaurants and eleven (11) retail stores. Which of your favorites would you include?
    David makes two lists--one for his American mall and one for his Canadian one. What about you? What stores and restaurants would you include?
  • David's second list is a list of Christian authors, preachers, missionaries and leaders known by two initials and then their last name.
Missm is trying to make me jealous with her list. She may have succeeded.

Kim from Hiraeth has more lists of cute kids sayings.
This is the month for everything listish on this blog. Have you posted a list? Any list on any topic? Please, I beg of you, send me the link! Next up will be a list of things bookish, so while I'm still interested all types of lists, I'm especially interested in ones that have to do with books.