Saturday, March 13

Pushing Half A Century

Thursday was my birthday. I got a really nice email from my aunt, who wrote a few of her memories of the time I was born. My dad and my aunt (and an uncle, too) were all attending the same school--my aunt living in the dorm and my parents in the married student quarters, attractively called "Trailerville". Part of what she wrote:

Thinking back to day you were born in Dayton, TN. I had been checking quite often to see if your folks had put the hanging moon in the window of the door of their trailer as a notice that your dad had taken your mom to the hospital. How exciting when it finally appeared.

I had never really heard about the "moon signal" before. Remember, this is way back in the fifties and none of the students had phones. None of those in Trailerville had bathrooms either, and everyone used the communal showerhouse.

So, thank you, Aunt Bertha, for the note and the interesting little details in it.