Thursday, April 22

First It Was the Clergyman Thing, and Now This!

I'm having a crisis. An identity crisis. A gender identity crisis. Not only am I not the pretty little princess I want to be, but according to the Gender Genie, my writing is MALE!

Saw this really cool link at the Thinklings. Tried it out with a couple of blog posts. Overwhelmingly manly, says the Genie. Looked for my more chatty, feminine blogposts. Still a guy, according to Mr. (or is it Ms.?) Know-It-All Genie of Gender. Tried changing the genre of my writing to nonfiction, thinking that might help me out. That only made me even more mannish.

Hurrrrumpppph! Waaaaaah! I wanna be a princess! I wanna be a girl!

(Yes, that's me throwing a hissy fit. Pretty good at it, aren't I?)

[Updated to add: The Genie pronounced this post male as well:
Female Score: 245
Male Score: 384

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

Apparently, even my hissy fits aren't girly...]