Tuesday, July 13


I had just finished up responding to the comments I found here this morning, and was all set to whip out a really profound post on God's justice, when my connection went kaput. So, instead of posting a deep and serious post, I ran errands. Everything I needed to do, of course, took longer and turned out to be more complicated than it ought to have been, so my deep thought reserve for the day is all used up, and I can only manage yet another fluff post.

I am--of all things--going to make a CD recommendation. This is what I was listening to as I did my driving today: Screenplaying by Mark Knopfler. This CD contains music from 4 movie sound tracks that Mark has done, including songs from my own favorite movie. So, if you want to hear the castle stormed again (and again), this CD's for you.

This is probably the only CD I own that everyone in the fam likes, so that's really quite an accomplishment. My fourteen year old son's best friend likes the Irish tunes from the movie Cal--that his Dad's Irish probably predisposes him--and my oldest son likes the selections from Local Hero most. (I might have to agree that they are the best stuff, despite my attachment to all things Princess Bride.) There are songs from another movie, too, but my recall button just went on automatic snooze.

Anyway, now I'm off to ponder whether "genius" is too strong a word to use to describe Mark Knopfler. And if People's Natural Gas did any marketing research before they chose that name.

The God's justice post will come whenever it's done. I can't promise much, because the next BlogSwap is coming up Friday, with a deadline of Thursday morning for the entries, and this next one has a deep subject. Tim calls it a "difficult" subject. This means it's not a piece that can be composed in 10 minutes or less like this one was.