Saturday, October 2

Saturday's Frivolity

Just a couple of things that we have been having way too much fun with this week.
  • Fridge Poetry. Link from Carmon.
    Here's one of my poems:
    My house is full.
    The cat, the dog,
    The pig and the lion
    On the couch.
    The pirate
    Plays with toys
    On the floor.
    Under my bed:
    The green fish,
    The big dinosaur,
    And a spaceship.
  • Parking Spots. Sorry, no example of my work for this one, although my boys have been making plans to attempt one of these sometime.

  • From Cindy, we have the The Finnish Men's Shouting Choir.

    Their site includes audio samples from concerts, so listen up.
My dilemma of the day: Shovel or let it melt?

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