Thursday, April 7

Busy Day I haven't responded to the comments. I hope to get to that later today, but perhaps not until tomorrow.

Busy day is done, and I was able to respont to the comments. A couple of important items were checked off my list, but I also have a couple of appointments tomorrow. You know, taxes and that sort of thing. My taxes are the complicated sort, and I have about a bazillion pieces of paper with numbers on them that I had to gather together today in preparation for tomorrow's appointment with the tax preparer.

I also managed to get some work done researching ANWR oil drilling. Surprisingly, there is just not all that much information on the pro-drilling side. There are several pro-drilling sites, but they all repeat exactly the same stuff--which really is just a few paragraphs without any documentation, and what studies I can find (U.S. Government ones, BTW) have estimates of how much oil there is and how many jobs there will be that are so wildly divergent that it's impossible to know anything much at all. If you know of any place I might find information, please let me know. My goal is to be fair minded, but it's a little difficult when I can find only a couple of surface level sources for one side.

[Update: Cerulean Sanctum considers The To-Do List Christian:
I don't believe that God created us to live like this, rushing from one thing to another in a mad frenzy of checking things off a list. Yet as much as I have pondered this, I don't have a good solution.

To tell you the truth, I don't really have a "rat-race" existence as a general rule, and that's by my own choice according to the priorities I've set, and yet I can't entirely shake the feeling that I ought to be getting more things done.]

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