Tuesday, September 13

Christian Carnival Reminder

I'm late, I'm late, so you're going to have to get cracking!

It's time to get those Christian Carnival entries in. I'm not sure where it'll be held, since the blog listed for this week's carnival at Wittenburg Gate seems to be nonexistent. But if you plan to enter, send your entry to the regular carnival address anyway: ChristianCarnival [ATT] gmail [DOTT] com.

  • The name of your blog
  • The URL of your blog
  • The title of your post
  • The URL of your post
  • A short description of the post
  • The trackback link if you have one

The deadline is 12 Midnight EST, and the Carnival should be posted somewhere tomorrow. More detailed info can be found here.

[Update, September 14: Mark of Pseudo-polymath has agreed to come to the rescue and host the Christian Carnival this week. It will be posted on his blog sometime later today.]

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