Wednesday, November 30

Movies You'd Never Watch Again

I mentioned in a post below that I'd never, not for a million bucks, watch Sophie's Choice again. Second on my list of never-again movies would be Old Yeller. You didn't know I was so sensitive, did you?

Update: More never-again movies to add to the list:
  • Kim in IL - The Deerhunter.
  • Kim in ON - The Passion of the Christ ("Once was enough," she says.) and Beloved.
  • Charlie - Raging Bull, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and The English Patient.
  • Shaun - Silence of the Lambs.
  • Peter Bogert agrees with me about Old Yeller.
  • Stephanie - The Patriot
  • ~m2~ (I wonder how she pronounces that?) - Caddyshack II, which she says was beyond bad, What Dreams May Come and Jaws in 3-D.
  • Catez - The Saint with Val Kilmer, which she says is good for one thing: going to sleep.
  • Helen - Shindler's List (Wan't to know a secret? I haven't ever seen that. I'm sure it's good, but it's not for me.)
  • David Heddle - The Exorcist
  • Carol - Apocalypse Now.
  • Sal - Dances with Wolves. Another snorer.
  • Bonnie - The Fly with Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum, Blue Velvet and The Passion of the Christ. Bonnie also says that she's seen Silence of the Lambs a few times and that she'd watch it again. I wonder if she loved the ending of Old Yeller, too.
  • John Schroeder (aka Mr. Blogotional) - The Net and several dozen others that have been erased from his memory because they were so bad that even the memory hurts.
  • Bill Lueg - Boys Don't Cry, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, (anything else by Michael Bay), and National Treasure.
  • The Sinner - Moulin Rouge
  • Julana - Point Break
  • Susan:
    I will never again watch these movies:

    These just left me feeling uneasy:
    War of the Roses
    Death Becomes Her
    Sleepy Hollow
    The Exorcist (still get nightmares just from commercials!)
    The Wall (Pink Floyd)

    Just BAD!:
    Frankenhooker (Don't ask...I was basically forced to watch it!)
    The King of Texas (made for tv western based on King Lear)
  • Violet - Rosemary's Baby
  • Byron - Moquito Coast, and he says he'd watch any of the above movies 10 times over in order to avoid watching even a smidgen of this stink bomb. Bicentennial Man, he says, is almost as bad.
  • Waterfall gives a "never-again" to Silence of the Lambs, too.
  • Rey hates Cold Mountain. And The Exorcist. And Cold Mountain.
  • Did I mention that for someone who hates Cold Mountain, Rey sure seems to talk about it a lot?
  • William Dicks agrees with Charlie about Kill Bill Vol. 1.
    I would rather have a repetitive root canal done before watching Kill Bill Vol 1 again.
  • Bowden - Father of the Bride
    As the father of three daughters, I think this is the scariest movie ever filmed!

What about you? Any movies you'd never watch again except with a loaded gun pointed at your head, and maybe not even then?

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