Tuesday, November 8

November's Theme: Thankfulness

This morning I'm thankful for Bob, with his gratitude & hoopla. It's a whole blog of thankfulness. Here's from today's post:
Think of it. From the beginning God took account of the rebellion, made a way of salvation nevertheless possible through Jesus Christ, and out of many generations chose those individuals whom he would include in this great plan of restoration. So, to put it another way, in the perfection of the Godhead, before ever the created universe was set in motion, the plan was hatched to save many. And Jesus said, "I will go on their behalf. I will do what is necessary. I will take on mortality, I will bear the violent malice of evil men, I will face down the devil and take the wrath for sin, I will even endure separation from the Father, for the sake of [ insert name here ]." And all this, I emphasize, before God had ever said, "Let there be light."

Now there's something to be thankful for.

Read Bob's whole thankful post.

What are you thankful for?

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