Tuesday, November 22

November's Theme: Thankfulness

I'm thankful for pets, and the way they brighten our lives. We got our latest dog as a puppy just before my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and that little dog gave him an awful lot of joy during his illness. If he was resting, she curled up with him. If he felt like going for a walk, he had an automatic hiking companion.

Now she gets me out for a bit of exercise every single day.

Pets are a good thing. Even those of us who pretend not to like them seem to get a lot of pleasure from complaining about them.

Last night the StatsGuy told me he's thankful for the internet and blogging. He's one of the bloggers I know in real life, so he doesn't have to comment here in order to get his thanksgiving item on the list, since we all get together every Monday night to discuss blogging for home fellowship group.

Update: From Bible Archive: Praying a Thanksgiving Prayer.

Update 2: Julana is thankful that she "chose" a mortal life.

Update 3: StatsGuy is chock full of thankfulness: "I'm thankful for our Monday night home fellowship group. I'm always challenged and edified."

Kim in IL and

What are you thankful for? Tell us in the comments or post it on your blog and send me the link.

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