Wednesday, November 23

November's Theme: Thankfulness

I'm thankful for beautiful blue skies. Today we have them (at least for a while), after what seems like a really long time of nasty low dark grey clouds. I would take a photo, but my camera needs batteries.

Update: I can't believe I spelled "skies" wrong and left it there all day. I'm blaming you all for not bringing it to my attention.

Chris has posted a photo of our blue skies. Unfortunately, his photo also shows the one thing I'm not thankful for right now.

Update 2: David Norris is
thankful that Christ died for me while I was not yet alive and that He lives for me this vey present moment and that His blood cleanses me from all sin. I love you Lord Jesus.
Sal is thankful because God is God.

What are you thankful for?

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