Friday, January 20

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

I bet you'd forgotten that there's still another draw prize due for the Canadian Christian Blog Showcase, the prize drawn from the names of all those who linked to the showcase. There were 11 of you, altogether, from whom this lucky (providential?) winner was drawn.

And the winner is Carla Rolfe. Her prize is the medium sized Canadian scenic wall calendar shown in this post. All I need is for Carla to email me (The Contact Rebecca link, under my photo in the sidebar) with her mailing address.

I still haven't sent out Violet's calendar, either, since I was hoping to do only one trip to the post office. So she can stop sitting out by the mailbox for at least a few days.

Another bit of EXTRA news: Dan Edelen has finished up his 21 Steps to a 21st Century Church series with a fifth post. He also has a post linking the whole series.

Yet more: Catez of Allthings2all reminds us that our blogs are read world-wide, so we need to be sensitive to the various language cultures.

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