Monday, January 9

Out of Canada Christian Blog Showcase: There Be Prizes!

Matt Gumm is just about the most inspiring person around. Having a prize for the showcase entrants was his idea, and I've taken that idea and gone with it.

Here's how it will work. See that big calendar in the picture--the one at the bottom of the calendar pile? It's a huge wall calendar of panorama photos from all around Canada, including the Yukon. Along with that calendar will go a mystery prize, a piece of Canadiana that was once owned by Matt Gumm himself. These two lovely items will be sent to the winner of a draw that includes all those who entered their blog in the showcase. If you don't enter the showcase by midnight Wednesday, then you won't be in the draw, even though I may link to your blog in the showcase anyway. You'll find more info on the showcase (who can enter and how to go about it) right here.

The second calendar, the medium sized one, which is also has photos from across Canada, will go out to the winner of a draw that includes all those who link to the showcase post once it's posted this coming Thursday. Just link to the showcase post in the week following it's posting, then trackback or email me with your link, and your name will go into the draw. Canadian or noncanadian, you are eligible for this prize as long as you link to the showcase post.

The third, itty-bitty calendar? That one's going out to Matt Gumm himself, for noticing how many good Canadian Christian bloggers there are!

And yes, that's a cat in the upper left of the photo. It's the ornery one who has to have his nose in all the business.

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