Thursday, January 5

Are You Blogging from Canada?

Matt Gumm says he "can't believe how much good blogging is coming out of Canada." He's inspired me to do a showcase post of "Out of Canada Christian Blogs."

So if you are a Christian blogging in the Great White North, send me a link to one of your favorite posts, and I'll feature your blog and your favorite post in this showcase. You'll find a link to my email in the sidebar. You don't have to be a Canadian citizen, just blogging from up here, and the post you choose to have featured doesn't have to be a recent one, although it can be. The featured post doesn't have to be overtly Christian either, so humourous or political, etc. posts are welcome.

I'm shooting for posting the showcase on Thursday of next week (January 12). If you don't enter something, I may get in touch with some of you by email begging for a link to a post, so you might as well save me the work, right? And if I don't hear from you at all, I might just choose a post of yours to feature without any help from you, and you don't want that!

If you know any Canadian Christian bloggers, please make them aware of this showcase.

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