Thursday, January 12

Out of Canada Christian Blog Showcase

It was Matt Gumm who made the statement about how many good Canadian bloggers there are. I'm hoping to prove him right with this post showcasing Christian bloggers from all across the country. Let's start in the Maritimes and move west to my own territory. (If I place your blog in the wrong category, please tell me so I can correct things.)

The Maritimes

  • There's Carol of Carol's Storybook, who blogs from New Brunswick. Mothering and home life are her most frequent topics, but in this post she gets political and tells us why she'll be voting Conservative in the upcoming federal election.

  • Updated to add A Sparrow's Home, a Prince Edward Island blog suggested to me by Julana, who's been sick and unable to get back to me with the URL until now. You'll find breathtaking photos there, like this one of a kayaker among the icebergs.

  • Neil Shay is part of a whole blogging family. Better known around here is his wife, Kim from ON, who has been on my blog roll for quite a while. Neil has recently decided to blog, too, at Chez Kneel. The First Christmas, circa 1600 B.C. is one of a series of posts on the shadows of the Old Testament.

  • Kim Shay, Neil's wife, blogs at The Upward Call. There's one of the Turk's wooden nickels in her sidebar, too--this one awarded for Best Homeschool Blog. Kim writes inciteful posts daily. I especially like her Canadian history posts, and she's sharing one about Louis Riel with us in this showcase.

  • Tim Challies runs He's posted every single day for at least a couple of years, and that's not an easy thing to do. You'll also find that he reads a lot of books and posts a lot of reviews. This week he started a short series of posts on assurance of salvation. Here are the first and second posts in the series, and he promises the concluding post tomorrow.

  • Scott McClare's blog is The Crusty Curmudgeon. His sense of humour is right up my alley, and it's never sharper than when he's chasing wackos with his cane.

  • Michael Haykin writes on church history at Historia Ecclesiastica. Today he tells us John Bunyan's view on written prayers.

  • Ian Clary's blog is Ruminations by the Lake. Someday he wants to be a professional theologian, but right now he's taking on Rick Warren and his comments on fundamentalism.

  • There's also Mama Squirrel of Dewey's Treehouse, who tells us why educating your own children is not really like trying to do surgery at the kitchen table in Between Two Worlds.

The Prairies
  • I'd seen Daniel from Winnipeg comment on various blogs I frequent, but I'd not visited his blog before he entered a post in the showcase. How I missed his blog, I don't know! After all, he's also been awarded a wooden nickel from Frank Turk. He blogs at Doulogos, and Moby Jack is his fish story.

British Columbia

The Yukon

Believe it or not, way up here in this corner of the frozen north, where there are only 30,ooo people or so, I am in the company of other Christian bloggers!
  • Scott Gilbreath once blogged here as a guest blogger, and then just couldn't resist starting his own blog. It's called Magic Statistics, a phrase that alludes to a quote from Robertson Davies, another Canadian. Scott has a unique take on things, partly because he's a statistician, so he has the real scoop on all those statistics floating around trying to confuse us. In this post Scott asks and answers this question (with a little help): Did primitive people invent religion to explain what they could not understand?

  • You know, I'm thinking this next Yukon blogger got his first taste of the blog world right here, too, when he let me post one of his photos of the S.S. Klondike. He dragged his blog feet a little longer than Scott of Magic Statistics did, but finally, Chris Klassen couldn't resist either. His blog is called Limited Thinking, but don't let the name fool you. His has his fair share of good thoughts running around his head. In this post, he tells us that he's a traditional guy.

  • And then there's my blog, which is right here. I sometimes do more serious posting, but I have the most fun with the not-so-serious stuff, like The Whole Tail Tale.

The Draw Prize

Now comes the real excitement! As promised, I'm drawning a name from all the bloggers who entered posts in the showcase, and that blogger will win a lovely Canadian scenic calendar and also a bit of Canadiana previously owned by Matt Gumm.

So here goes. I'm drawing the name right now.....wait....wait.....wait.... it's Violet of promptings! If Violet will just send me her mailing address, I'll get that prize mailed as soon as possible.

I know the rest of you are terribly disappointed, but not to worry. If you didn't win that calendar, you have a chance to win another one by linking to this post and trackbacking it or emailing me to tell me you linked. You'll find all the details on the prizes here.

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