Wednesday, September 6


I'm still too unfocused to manage a serious blog post--although I did update David Brainerd's blog a little--so here's yet another meme post. This one's a pet meme, and the instructions are to list 5 weird tricks or characteristics that your pet does or has. I was tagged by Kim of Hiraeth to do this meme.

I've chosen the cat, Leroy, for this meme, instead of Taffy, the dog, but it wasn't an easy decisions for someone as fuzzy brained as I've been lately.

1. He manages to be huge and skinny at the same time. He weighs 15 lbs, which is a lot for a cat, but as you can see, he's not overweight.

2. He runs out to greet visitors when he hears the doorbell. Mostly he's just hoping they'll accidently let him outside.

3. There's wool rug in the dining room that he loves, so I've more or less turned it over to him. He plays with it, running toward it and leaping on it so that it slides across the floor a bit. He also bunches it up and rearranges it until it's just perfect for lounging on, or for use as a fortress to hide behind as he attacks his real or imaginary enemies, like the legs of people passing by.

4. He chases large dogs out of the yard. The big black dog two houses down is terrified of him.

5. He loves all plastic bags, except the cheap, stiff-and-crackly-sort, like Walmart bags. He loves plastic bags because he knows that they carry all sorts of interesting things into the house, and he has to check out the contents of each bag, even if it means sticking his head right down inside. He hates the crackly ones because he once got one caught on himself while trying to climb inside to check things out. He climbed through the handle instead of into the bag, and he ended up running through the house in a panic with the bag flying like a sail behind him, making a most horrible scratchy crackling sound. To this day, if you want to see him run away in a panic, just crackle a plastic bag.

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