Monday, November 6

November's Thanksgiving: Busy Days

I'm thankful for busy days like today, when I think I'll never get everything on my must-do list done, and then somehow, by the grace of God, I'm sure, the day is over and everything's done, and I feel tired but not stressed.

But it's late, and (as I already said) I'm tired, so I'll add the items from all you other thankful people into this post tomorrow morning. If I did it tonight, I'd have to hold my eyes open, and that might make it just a little hard to type.

Later than expected update:
What are you thankful for? Tell us in the comments, or post your thanksgiving on your own blog and then let me know of your post either by email or in the comments here. I'll link to all the posts I become aware of.

Have you posted a bit of thanksgiving, and I missed it? Please feel free to remind me. (I'll link to the thanksgiving items in the comments of this post later on today.)

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