Thursday, November 9

November's Thanksgiving: Winter Skies and Northern Opportunities

Lately I've been noticing how beautiful the sky is with the lower light of winter. (Oldest son posted a picture of the sky above Paddy's Pond so you can see for yourself.) Every season has it's beauty, and I'm thankful that seasons change so I can see it all.

I'm also thankful for the opportunities for unique experiences that come as a result of living where we do. Tomorrow morning, oldest son will be leaving on a weekend caribou hunting trip. You can't hunt caribou at -30C just any old place.

Other bloggy thankfulness:
What are you thanking God for? Tell us in the comments, or post your thanksgiving on your own blog. Then let me know of your post either by email or in the comments here and your thankful post will be linked in the next day's roundup of thankfulness.

Have you posted a bit of thanksgiving, and I missed it (or forgot about it)? Please feel free to remind me.

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