Friday, December 15

Introducing Aurora B.

The photo of the northern lights on the right is not from yesterday, but from a photo oldest son took while caribou hunting up the Dempster Highway in November*. Here are a few photos of last evening's Whitehorse dancing light show from TamaraLyn.

Yes, they were spectacular. You may have seen them, too, since last night's aurora ballet, caused by a recent geomagnetic storm, appeared as far south as Arizona. Stay tuned to the sky channel for possible upcoming light shows:
Sunspot 930 unleashed an X1.5 category flare on Dec. 14th, and the blast may have hurled a new coronal mass ejection toward Earth.
If so, expect a whole new spectacle from Aurora to start tomorrow night.

Update: This latest coronal mass ejection
won't cause such a widespread display. The incoming cloud was launched yesterday by an X1-explosion above sunspot 930. The blast was not squarely Earth-directed, so the CME's impact will be a glancing one. Nevertheless, sky watchers should remain alert for auroras when the CME arrives on Dec. 16th.
*The light show photographed by oldest son in November probably resulted from this solar flare.