Sunday, March 4

Everything's Coming Up Irish: Poetry and History

I've gone with orange for the border on this post, because included in it is a poem contributed by Kevin—a poem written by his mother, who grew up in the Methodist church in Northern Ireland. I'll let Kevin tell you the story behind it.
My mother wrote this about a year before she passed away. At the time she was attending a class at a day home for seniors. She thought the people in her class did not have a good understanding of St. Patrick, so she wrote a poem.
Here's May Greenshield's poem, written in May of 2003. She passed away, Kevin says, in January of 2004:
When St. Patrick came to Ireland
To set the people free
He used the little Shamrock
To teach them of the love of God
Who was the "One in Three"
Next up, Kim of The Upward Call has posted a little more Irish poetry, along with a little history of the Easter Rebellion.

I just posted a hymn by Thomas Kelly, an Irish hymn writer. I suppose that's Irish poetry, too.

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