Tuesday, March 6

Everything's Coming Up Irish: Art, History, and a Little Cream in My Coffee

  • Candy of Shook Foil has a whole collection of Irish images and a video of her favorite Irish worship leader.
  • Ellen B. has a bit of Irish history regarding the Isle of Ilona.
  • Last night, my home Bible study group had a bit of a communal birthday party. Five of the less than a dozen people who attend have birthdays during the eight day period from last Sunday to this coming Sunday, and that five includes me. Because it's Irish month on my blog, I got a little bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, which I will be using occasionally to spice up my coffee during this month.

Would you like to join in the Everything's Coming Up Irish fun? Post anything related to Ireland or Irish things and send me the link (You can email me, or leave your link in the comments to this post.), then look for a link to your post in one of the upcoming ECUI posts. No blog? No problem. Email me your contribution or leave it in the comments and I'll post what you've contributed in one of the Irish posts.