Saturday, March 13

Fun Day

I've decided to make Saturdays fun days here--light stuff, hobby stuff, family stuff, games, etc. So, with that in mind, here are a couple of things that are fun interests of the members of this family.

Landcruisers. Right now we have an FJ-40 being restored piece by piece in the garage. FJ-40’s are the older jeep-like cruisers. (Okay, this description is for the uninitiated only. Cruiser lovers all know that jeeps are really cruiser knock-offs.) Anyway, you haven't really lived until you been 4 X 4-ing in the bush in your cruiser. Right now we're waiting on Harold the painter, who is slower than molasses, but perhaps soon the cruiser will be out of the garage and back on the road better than ever.

The Raptors. Yes, we really are fans of the Toronto Raptors. Actually, we are fans of everything basketball--NBA, NCAA, high school, elementary school, wheel chair, shooting hoops in the driveway.