Friday, April 8

Only in the Yukon: Our Own Brand of Fruitcake

Some people just seem to know how to manipulate the system to get as much attention as possible.

Sa Tan (formerly know as Brian Goozilla Salmi, and mentioned here for different antics last year) has won a victory in the Yukon Supreme Court. He gets to sue the government and have the court fees waived because he's broke. His complaint?
He claims the Yukon government offered him a job heading the communications department for the Ministry of Economic Development.

But Sa Tan admits when he applied for the job he used his old name. He claims when the government found out he'd legally changed that name to Sa Tan, they withdrew the job offer....

Sa Tan's asking the court to rule that four government employees have defamed him by denying the job offer was ever made. He says they've publicly suggested he's a liar, making it tough for him to get another government job.

CBC North gives you all the details, including a photo of Sa Tan in an article about his lawsuit from Screwtape's home turf.

One good thing: At least he dropped Goozilla as a middle name.



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