Wednesday, April 13

Round the Sphere Again

  • The 65th Christian Carnival is now up at Another Think with a total of
    64 separate posts. Charlie has divided the posts up according to the various qualities listed as the fruit of the Spirit. Great idea! And he posts from Mexico, so you can soak up a little sun while you visit.

  • And while you're out carnival hopping, make sure you check out this week's New Christian Blog Showcase over at

  • Marla Swoffer is organizing blogrolls based on Meyers-Briggs personality type. A little explanation is here. I am a bit of a Meyers-Brigg sceptic (I suppose you're going to tell me that scepticism goes along with being a ISTJ), but I think it's fun regardless of how much stock I put in it, so I've joined up. Hopefully they won't kick me out because I'm not a true believer.

  • Jollyblogger posted something this morning that I recommend you read: Forgotten Factors in the Downfall of Nations: Sodom.

  • Here's a fascinating photo blog that posts one image a day: [daily dose of imagery]. Made in Canada, too. Hat tip: Comings Communique.

  • This editorial from The Juneau Empire explains why the planned passport regulations announced last week by the U.S. government will hurt ordinary Alaskans.
    If Juneau residents want to participate in the Dustball softball tournament or play at the Frostbite Music Festival in Whitehorse, they would have to make sure they plan for the paperwork well in advance so they don't get left behind by their team or their band.

    Likewise Canadians would be required to carry a passport if they decide to attend the Alaska Folk Festival or visit Haines for its Alaska Bald Eagle Festival. The extra hassle, cost and required planning could mean some people just wouldn't go, and Alaska towns would lose the revenue these visits bring.
    The article also raises the potential problem of Skagway and Haines, Alaska residents who are rushed to Whitehorse for emergency medical treatment, but can't return home without a passport.

    Oldest son thinks the passport regulations will decrease tourist traffic to Alaska as well. He's spent several summers replacing windshields and other glass in the R.V.'s driving the Alaska Highway, and he thinks the average retired couple from Texas will just forego the trip if a passport is required to return to the states from Canada.

    Needless to say, Alaska's congressional delegation is against the plan, thinking the trade-off--the slender chance passport regulations will hinder terrorism against the harm to cross border business--is not a good one for them.

  • Interesting search queries this week:
    1. "Pierre Berton uncircumcised"--I'll not even comment on that.
    2. "road trip with kids AND sleeping"--They didn't find help here, since I know of no good way to accomplish that. You take whatever sleep you can get and try not to fret over how tired you are. And drink gas station coffee, even if you ordinarily never touch the stuff.
    3. I like that this one brought someone to this page: "whole lotta whimsy".

  • I mentioned here earlier that the whereabouts of my oldest son's Sri Lankan World Vision sponsored child was unknown. He got a letter last week telling him that the boy and his family have been located. They are uninjured, but in a refugee camp.

  • Not really a sphere item, but I'll overlook that: Youngest son just had his first paying gig as a drummer. He helped fill in for the regular drummer at "Guys and Dolls" (the musical) Saturday night. He is now, he says, "a professional drummer." Maybe, but he'll still need a day job.
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