Thursday, September 15

Round the Sphere Again

  • You'll find this week's Christian Carnival at Pseudo-Polymath. And while you're over there reading, thank Mark for hosting the carnival on such short notice.

  • The Doctor gives us his thoughts on what we need in our medical emergency kit.

  • Who were the anabaptists? Where did they come from? What did they believe? You'll find the answers to all your pressing anabaptist questions at He Lives.

  • And what about catechisms? Where did they come from? Have they had any influence on the course of history? We go to George Grant for those answers.

  • The Pyromaniac is thinking about how we define essential truths: What do common sense and Scripture tell us about the relative weight of different truths? and Sometimes fellowship is better than a fight. Sometimes not.

  • If you're still up for discussion of God's role in natural disasters, then I suggest Parableman's post: Natural Disasters and Divine Judgment. As usual, Jeremy works through the problem taking great care to remain faithful to what scripture tells us.

  • Tim of Mission Safari is doing a little philosophical/theological ruminating as well: Every Square Inch.
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