Wednesday, November 9

November's Theme: Thankfulness

Today I'm thankful that oldest son still has a job. The building right next to his work place burned last night, but the shop he works at is still there.

(At least I think he still has a job. He went to work, but he's asthmatic and can't work in the smoke, so he came home. Hopefully his boss isn't too upset with him, but he really can't stay and work in those conditions.)

[Update: His coworkers came and picked him up and they went off to work at a job site away from the shop.]

[Update 2: Kim of Hiraeth is thankful for Katy.]

[Update 3: Chris tells us a little more about Zola and her shop. (Zola owned one of the businesses in the building that burned.)]

What are you thankful for?

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