Saturday, November 26

November's Theme: Thankfulness

I'm thankful for sports. I know there are those who don't enjoy them, but they've been a positive thing for this family. Oldest son has gone to Vancouver for the Grey Cup game, youngest daughter is in a squash tournament today, and youngest son has a volleyball game tonight. They will all have a lot of good fun, and the two youngest ones will keep fit at the same time.

Update: Nickie Goomba is thankful that
wars are not fought on my street. It's a comment from my first Thanksgiving in 1946, and has been repeated ever since.

Yep. We often take for granted things we ought to see as blessings.

Update 2: Anita is thankful for "sisters-in-law, yarn shops, and new knitting projects."

Update 3: From Julana:
I'm thankful we had a safe trip to Michigan and back, over Thanksgiving, through snow and traffic jams.

I'm thankful no one in my family feels compelled to stand in line for bargains at 4 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. We know time is more important than money and things
Not shopping is something I'll join in being thankful for, too!

What are you thankful for?

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