Friday, November 17

November's Thanksgiving: Fireplace Insert

I was a very bad girl and did everything else but post my thanksgiving thoughts yesterday. I did think about what I was thankful for, though, and that's the fireplace insert I have in my fireplace. I have an oil furnace, but oil heat can feel hot one minute and chilly the next. Nothing beats the constant warmth of a fire in the fireplace insert, and on cold days, I try to keep a fire going.

And added benefit is that it makes gathering round it as a family the most natural thing in the world.

Still more thanksgiving:
Consider this yesterday's thanksgiving roundup, and I'll post another one that counts for today's this evening. Why don't you tell us what you're thanking God for in the comments to this post; or, better yet, post your thanksgiving on your own blog, and let me know of your post either by email or in the comments here. Then look for a link to your thankful post in the this evening's roundup of thankfulness.

Have you posted a bit of thanksgiving, and I missed it (or forgot about it)? Please feel free to remind me.