Wednesday, November 15

November's Thanksgiving: Learning

I've been working on a post that I'm finding really tricky, but I'm learning a whole lot in the process, so I'm thankful that the hard work of writing it helps me learn.

What are you thankful for?
  • David Fisher says he is thankful for
    the great group of blogging friends who challenge and encourage me in my Christian pilgrimmage!
  • Mrs. J.M. Young comments:
    I am thankful that my morning sickness is not quite so severe.

    I am thankful for my husband who showers me with love and care.

    I am thankful for friends who continually point me to the Lord and remind me that He should be my first priority.

    I am thankful for the Lord that He has protected me and saved me from myself and the consequences from sin I could have experienced from a life of sin. So thankful for His unfailing forgiveness and faithfulness to me.
  • Christa Blakey is thankful for prayer.
  • Amanda is thankful that she had
    such a fun, peaceful, structured, sheltered childhood. I am thankful for happy memories. But, I am even more thankful for salvation, for a gracious Savior who forgives the sins of little girls who are not as innocent as they appear.
  • Julana is thankful she doesn't live in the Yukon.
  • Kim of The Upward Call is thankful that God gave her children musical talent.
  • Lee Ann is thankful for sleep.
Why don't you tell us what you're thanking God for in the comments to this post; or, better yet, post your thanksgiving on your own blog, and let me know of your post either by email or in the comments here. Then look for a link to your thankful post in the next day's roundup of thankfulness.

Have you posted a bit of thanksgiving, and I missed it (or forgot about it)? Please feel free to remind me.